Arogya Mandal, a society and a trust, better known for the Karamsad-based 800-bed Shree Krishna Hospital and Pramukhswami Medical College that it manages, amended its Constitution at the Special General Body Meeting held yesterday. The existing Constitution, since the inception of the Mandal in 1972, needed to be adapted to suit present day realities and provide for a more professional governance structure.
     The members unanimously voted to put in place a Board of Governors to replace an archaic and elaborate structure consisting of General Body, Governing Council & Governing Body. The Board of Governors, which would have a larger representation of members of the Mandal than the earlier structure, would also have some members of the top management on it in addition to the Chairman of Charutar Vidya Mandal and the President of Karamsad Municipal Borough. The more compact Board is expected to function like a company’s Board and would have committees like HR and Remuneration, Audit and Finance to support its functioning. In a significant departure from the practice followed by most charitable organisations, the Chairman of the Board would be selected by the Board itself, rather than through an election by the General Body. This would help obviate the possibility of the organization falling into wrong hands either through the use of money or power. There is also an age limit, 75 years and restriction on the number of terms, introduced for eligibility to be a Board member.
     Amendments were also made in membership rules that enable each category of donor members to elect two representatives on the Board. The number of Trustees has also been increased from 2-4.
     The well-attended General Body meeting was presided over by Shri Hasmukh Shah, the present President of the Mandal. Dr. Amrita Patel, its Chairman, Shri Atulbhai Patel, Vice President and Shri Jagrut Bhatt, Secretary, were also attended, among others.