National Conference on Health Professions Education 2016 (NCHPE 2016) 

23-26 November, 2016




About NCHPE 2016:

In recent times, medicine has lost its trust with the society due to a combination of its own failings as a profession and health care systems which often discourage professional behaviour. The profession needs to respond to the concerns of the society about its own performance, particularly the perception that it is less altruistic than before, that it self-regulates poorly; and that it has abused its privileged position in the society for financial gain. It is also important to address the topic of professionalism directly and explicitly at all levels of medical education.  


For long, it was not thought necessary to actively teach professionalism. The ideals and values of the profession were transmitted by mentors and role models and were important aspects of tacit knowledge base of physicians. This method was sufficient because times were simpler and both the profession and the society it served were relatively homogenous in most countries around the world. This is no longer true as medicine and society have become diverse and health care systems are now part of global network. It is now believed that professionalism appropriate to the times must be taught explicitly. This requires determined action on the part of medicine’s educational institutions.


NCHPE 2016 will be organised by Pramukhswami Medical College (PSMC) under the aegis of AHPE. The conference, with its theme “Professionalism”, will debate the many aspects of becoming a professional including an understanding of the process of socialisation which is necessary for transmission of values, attitudes and behaviours of the profession.     


About Pramukhswami Medical College:

PSMC was established in 1987 and is affiliated to Sardar Patel University. It admits 100 students every year for its MBBS programme and offers postgraduate courses in eighteen specialties. The undergraduate curriculum is designed with emphasis on integrated teaching learning, early clinical exposure, community exposure and professional development throughout. The MCI has designated the college as MCI Nodal Centre for National Faculty Development Programme. The college has earlier successfully organised National Consultation for Reforms in Medical Education in 2011 and National Consultation on Professionalism in Medical Education in 2013. 


About Academy of Health Professions Education:

A non-governmental organisation, the Academy of Health Professions Educators includes teachers from all health professions in the country. It works with a focus to develop the field of health professions education to enhance educator competencies towards improving health professions education and thereby health care in India. As a national organisation, AHPE aims to improve the quality and relevance of health profession education at all levels – undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development in line with World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) and South East Asian Regional Association for Medical Education (SEARAME).