Surgical Oncology

Major Cancer surgeries performed at the Center are as follows:

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Mandible conserving surgery, larynx,conserving surgery nerve sparing parotid surgery, commando surgery, plastic reconstruction using free flaps, etc
  • Breast Cancer: Breast conserving surgery, Modified radical mastectomy
  • Lung Cancer: Sleeve resection, pneoumonectomy
  • GI Cancer: Total esophagectomy, Radical gastrectomy, Whipples surgery, sphincter preserving surgeries for rectal carcinoma
  • Gynaec Cancer: Fertility preserving surgeries dor cervical cancer, Radical surgeries for ovarian cancer
  • Bladder Cancer surgeries: Radical cysectomy
  • Bone cancer surgeries
  • Sarcomas: Limb preserving surgeries
  • Chronic venous access devices: Insertion of hickmans catheter and ports.