Bhanubhai and Madhuben Patel Cardiac Center

Most of the cardiac problems are complicated and require skilled medical expertise. Diagnosis and treatment of these problems are costly and a dearth of affordable cardiac centres further aggravates the problem. Keeping all these factors in mind, the Charutar Arogya Mandal set up the Bhanubhai and Madhuben Patel Cardiac Centre on 8th October 2008, under the aegis of Shree Krishna Hospital. It aims to step in and become a centre that is recognised for its work in paediatric cardiac services and is constantly working towards fulfilling this aim. The Centre has collaborated with Dr. K M Cherian, a renowned cardiac surgeon and a pioneer in paediatric cardiac surgery in India. It is one of the most advanced centres with multidisciplinary paediatric support structure under one roof with telemedicine services.


The Cardiac Centre, in its fourth year of operations, has expanded its services considerably by setting benchmarks for exceptional cases involving considerable risk and complexity. Patients from all over the state and beyond avail its services. The centre also receives patients from abroad. Recently, several cardiac procedures have been initiated by the Centre, including ASD Device Closure and a PDA Device closure, both managed by the Consultant Cardiologist. In surgical cases, a percutaneous device closure of intra-cardiac shunts, a non-surgical option which has gained worldwide acceptance has also been initiated at the Centre. Also, percutaneous device closures for PDA and ASDs have been successfully performed at the centre along with Cardiac Resynchoronisation Therapy, a technological solution to chronic heart failure. The centre also engages actively in coordinating diagnostic camps in the surrounding communities by organising camps in various towns.